So we've heard quite a bit from lanzer in recent weeks about structural changes to gold grants and a gold-to-platinum exchange. Here's a few bullet points of what was announced in early May:

  • A New System Using Algorithms will monitor MP prices and determine what the fair market value of those items are
  • Gold Grants across the site will 'self-adjust' to make items affordable
  • Gold granting will be tied to the new currency and users must switch to take advantage of the new system.

The third point is critical. From our understanding of what lanzer said is that users will not be granted gold but rather, Platinum. This is significant because the most discussed and likely exchange rate is 10 million gold to 1 platinum.

For context, some of the highest Lake Kindred gold grants are 2 billion. So the highest existing gold grants on Gaia would be worth approx. 200 platinum. In terms of higher gold granting systems like Lake Kindred and zOMG!, we can expect

However, more common gold grants like daily chance only bring 100 million gold max. What this indicates is that gold grants such as daily chance will be worth only 10 platinum. If users are granted gold for posting, they will be granted at least 1 platinum (or 10 million gold).

Due to this, this leads Gaians United to project that inflation will surge when the new currency is implemented. We do feel that there is a distinct possibility that inflation will be short-lived and ultimately settle as the algorithms build training data. However, we're not sure that fixing gold grant values will necessarily fix inflation so much as tackle why inflation is a big deal: the loss of items value.

So long as items retain their value, we don't anticipate the riots we saw in August-October 2013 with Goldemort. However, as always, we will try to keep you as updated as possible with the latest news and economic developments. If you like this type of content, be sure to follow us on twitter @gaiansunited and like our facebook page!