For anyone who's brand new, we hope you enjoy the web experience now offered at Gaians United. This site was designed with Gaians in mind with an immersive, mobile layout. We wanted to bring you the ultimate off-site experience and we hope to continue to make exponential leaps forward as we grow.

Gaians United started in June 2017 as a site dedicated to bringing a sense of oversight and accountability to Gaia's administrative team. Long-time disenfranchised Gaians felt the opportunity to envision an off-site platform to voice opinions free of some of the social pressures on site.

However, in time, that core team has morphed to be more inclusive of a variety of diverse opinion. Our writers seek to empower Gaians with positive messaging but also challenge the community with some uncomfortable truth.

We're not an item release blog or a team of Cash Shop aficionados. We don't aim to entertain the opinions of high-paying users who praised Goldemort and we don't ask for donations or seek to make a profit. Gaians United is a group of individuals who have come together because they love Gaia for a raw, indelible quality found in its community, past & present.

With that, we welcome any and all Gaians to join us as we share the stories that unite us. Here are some of the new features you can experience while using our site:

  • NEW Facebook-enabled comment sections underneath each post
  • NEW facebook/twitter integrations to browse new posts/tweets
  • Optimized 'Search' functionality
  • NEW share feature that allows you to share our articles to all major social networking platforms
  • Optimized Mobile Functionality

Let us know in the comments if you enjoy our re-design! You can also tweet us @gaiansunited.