It's very rare that administrators will admit to a mistake when it comes to dealing with actions taken in policing content. The case of longtime Gaian, Kendansa, was no exception. For nearly four years, the Kendansa account remained banned due to her account's shared IP with her brother, one of Gaia's most predominant user rights' activists and vocal critic of the Schofield-Loia (Goldemort) administration.

The "IP ban" initially occurred on August 16th, 2013 targeting several accounts of Kendansa's brother as well as her account. An initial explanation for the bans given for each account was "trolling and ban evasion", however it is clear that only one account was responsible for the bannable offense. For context, this ban took place as, Gaia founder, Josh “L0cke” Gainsbrugh, left Gaia just a day earlier. Additionally, the announcement of Gaia's first gold generator, Flynn's Booty, came only three days after the ban on August 19th, 2013.

A series of unprecedented administrative events continued to unfold not long after the bans that led to more staff resignations, hyperinflation, the devaluation of gold, and several of Gaia's flash-based games' ultimate demise.

When lanzer returned to Gaia in December 2016, it was broadly assumed that Kendansa would easily get her account back. Based on the new CEO's rapidly conciliatory attitude and pacing, it was assumed that unfairly banned users' cases would have been dealt with conscious and sensitive priority.

However, lanzer was stopped by a vocal segment of the Site Feedback community and moderators who felt it, their three-year mission, to subjugate opinion that differed from their own. And make no mistake... it was.

In the midst of moderators citing procedures before people, opting to ask Kendansa to submit tickets to not one, but two, Help Centers and twice, incorrectly responding to her ticket, the administration finally made the right call and unbanned the account on July 5th, 2017.

It is not entirely clear what Kendansa intends to do now that she's back on Gaia. Gaians United reached out to her and she said her initial excitement was concentrated in being able to 'reminisce over PMs' and 'look through old guilds'. Her brother has opted to use the site in a much less divisive way, citing his 'overwhelming sense of closure' and 'pure joy' with Kendansa's unban.

Gaians United is currently exploring the release of documents and creation of a 10-minute documentary related to this nearly four-year effort. The documentary would focus on both positive take-a-ways to Gaia's transformation with lanzer at the helm as well as an enormous need for independent accountability. We are in discussions with Kendansa regarding the details and will provide updates.

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