If there is one thing that drives me mad it is the tax that was placed on the Marketplace. I understand why we need the tax, it acts as a gold sink by sucking some excess gold out of Gaia’s economy with every purchase. I fully agree that we need as many gold sinks as we can get since Goldymort destroyed our economy with gold generators. The reason why the tax on the Marketplace angers me is that it went from a two percent tax all the way up to a five percent tax and Gaia is still letting the exchangers get around it. They get around it by having a forum dedicated to making deals and then they can set up trades to get around the tax. Some of these exchangers make their gold by solely using the exchange, they buy low in threads then sell for even higher in their own threads. I don’t think that it’s right to let people circumvent the Marketplace tax. I don’t know about everyone else but I’m for one am sick of having to pay a five percent tax when others are circumventing it and have been for years. Personally, I’ve never been one for using the exchange forum. I have never been a fan of trying to haggle with other people, therefore I use the Marketplace. I think it would be in the best interest of the site if Gaia made a flat fee for completing trades and for sending gifts. This way these people are still getting hit with a fee and it is taking gold out of the economy. I think a fee of five hundred million per completed trade and a fee of one hundred million gold per gift would be sufficient. This to me sounds reasonable because gold is easy to make, it’s easy to make billions by tree killing in Lake Kindred. You can also make tons of gold by voting in polls and by doing other site activities. Of course, if Gaia were to implement this they could alter the fees whenever they want just like how they mess with the Marketplace tax on occasion. It’s time that Gaia started treating everyone fairly when it comes to gold taxes, catering to the rich isn’t fair and it never will be.