I’ve been noticing that some Gaians have been creating their own Pokémon themed items for the site. Usually I’d be all for it however, some of these items look like they might be infringing on Copyright. Now I can list all the Pokémon items on the site but that would take way too long, if you want a list of these items I suggest looking at the list made by the user “Le Wild Pikachu”. These items are some that I just like, I think they are cute and well I’m not going to waste your time by going through every single item in the list. Anyway, some of the items that have me raising eyebrows are houjun-san obsidian pokekaiju kanto starters, houjun-san golden pokekaiju kanto shinies, houjun-san hidden pokekaiju dark unknown, houjun-san donut pokekaiju jiggle puff, Haunted Mood Bubble, You Know You Wanna'... Haunt Her, and the “ethe pose” of the I am Artist item. I understand the parody aspect of copyright however, I feel that some of these items are really cutting it close. They look just like actual Pokémon, especially the Unknown and Jiggle Puff items. Ethe’s pose for the I am Artist item also has me raising eyebrows because she is wearing a Pikachu onesie, this item has not been released to anyone but her. I say this because I cannot find it anywhere else on the site. She is the only one who can wear that specific onesie, we can only wear the I am pose which looks just like her avatar in the onesie. Why would they give that item to just her? See where I’m getting at? We did finally get an item similar to a Pikachu onesie, it is called Lofty Au-Chuu!! And it was a usermade recolor of the Bear Pajama item. Since it resembles a bear it can fall under parody usage. But why not give us the better-quality Pikachu onesie that ethe is wearing? Unless they are afraid of infringing on copyright. Even then giving one user the item is risky to say the least.
Nintendo has been cracking down on fan made items, if you do a Google search you can find stories of people getting cease and desist letters over fan made games like Pokémon Prism and merchandise like 3D printed Pokémon planters. The makes me wonder what Nintendo’s reaction would be if they saw the slew of Pokémon items on Gaia. Sure, some have been altered enough to fall under parody usage but some are really pushing the limits. I really don’t want to see Gaia get in trouble for copyright issues. Personally, I think Gaia needs to tread a little bit more carefully with some of the Pokémon items that they have been releasing, same with the usermade items.