Late Friday afternoon, lanzer spoke in an unofficial Gaia Discord confirming that Gaia's new currency, Platinum, will be released on Monday, July 31st. Despite earlier indications that the new currency would be rolled out by mid-June, there seems to be a growing sense of administrative confidence that the rollout will be better now that the admin team has had appropriate time to test it before going live. The exchange rate is 10M (gold) to 1 (platinum).

In the course of Friday evening's discussion, lanzer also announced a front page re-design is coming Monday.

Codemonkey, longtime developer and administrator of Gaia, entered the discord discussion late Friday evening announcing that the new currency would not be released with a new gold grant system.

As of Saturday evening, we do not have a comment on when a gold grant system might be released. However, we will keep you updated as soon as we get more information.

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