A unique situation has emerged on Gaia Online. For the first time in nearly 3 years, Gaia Gold is dramatically raised in value. This means, yes, indications of deflation are finally here!

The more gold used in the marketplace, the more gold users have to spend in order to get the same items. Conventional wisdom during Goldemort's years was to hold onto items and try to have as little gold remaining in your virtual wallet as possible. That way, you would retain the value of your items (so long as the items remained popular to buy/sell). Venders spent years trying to perfect the art of retaining value amidst total volatility in Gaia's Marketplace.

But now that lanzer's back, the marketplace will even out, right? Perhaps in time. Unfortunately, the effect of a perception of impending deflation is that items will no longer hold the same value as gold will, even in unthinkable quantities. So now's a better time than ever to sell.

According to an anonymous inside source, there is a fear among those at the top that this has opened the door for off-site gold sellers. In some ways, gold's value is creating a tricky situation where hackers and botters who want to make quick cash are all but seemingly licking their chops to take advantage of the change lanzer has to offer.

A simple google search of "buy gold gaia online" offered several sites willing to facilitate these shady, ToS-breaking types of transactions. Sites like playerauctions, epicnpc, goldicq, mmose, and gameim are just to name a few that showed up on the first page of google results.

We feel important to note that, if caught, these types of transactions will lead to a permanent ban across all accounts to the site.

Despite the possible uptick in scams, botting, hacking or illegal gold selling, Gaia seems to be making strides toward introducing its new currency.

We are hoping to hear more about Gaia's new currency and possibly its plans to deal with off-site gold selling as gold deflates and increases in value.

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