Forums are no longer what they once were. It's been nearly a decade since Gaia was featured in TIME magazine's list of top 50 websites. With the rise of social media giants like facebook, twitter, and SnapChat, forums are much less an integral part of internet culture.

Here at Gaians United, we feel that providing accountability for Gaia's administration and bringing trending Gaia-related news to you should remain our top priority. However, sometimes it's pointless to 'fight' unless you clearly define what you are 'fighting for'.

This is where we feel we have a unique opportunity to share our take on what made our Gaian experiences so unique. The encounters we had with people along separate, yet unforgettable journeys are what inspired us. And despite the rocky, tumultuous Schofield-era, we feel it necessary to take a step back and look at all the positive things that happened on Gaia during its first decade.

That is why Gaians United will be creating a 'History' section to be released soon. There are several stories that need to be told about Gaia's past. If we're going to be fighting for something, our readers deserve to have the opportunity to understand why.

Along with the 'History' section, our writers Twelve, Saint and Herald Thorburn are collaborating in bringing you a five-part series on the events that transpired in the Clans of Battle subforum from 2007 to 2010. This will be accompanied by a series of exclusive interviews with various 'CoB' clan members reminiscing on their experiences a decade later.

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