If you logged onto Gaia today you would have seen the newest staff notice, Sisky is hosting another contest. This time it is centered around National Junk Food Day. Basically, you give your username and what kind of junk food you like then you give a reason why you picked that food. One entry per account of course, and you have from July 21st to July 28th to enter. Simple enough, right? The contest is in the Official Gaia Contests forum which is a subforum of the Gaia Community Discussion, it will be a sticky. There will be five winners picked from the contest and they will win a “Junk Fooderiffic Prize Pack”. Contents of the prize pack includes Astra: Junk Food Tumble, Burger the Moga, Licorice Kandi Kitten, Candy Corn Social, Hotdog with Mustard Please, and one billion gold. These kinds of contests used to be quite common until Goldymort took over. When he took over the contests ran by Gaia Staff disappeared. It is very nice to see these contests make a comeback with Lanzer’s return.
I only have one small complaint about this contest sadly, there are no Paws items in the prize pack. While I’m not a huge fan of the Paws base they are still a part of this community and they tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to item releases. The lack of Paw items in the prize pack is probably the only complaint that I have about this contest. I don’t use the base but I do feel bad for those that choose to use it. I do plan on entering though! Hopefully Gaia will start including the Paws base with future contests.