A new Contest was launched today, you would know this already if you have your staff alerts enabled. Sisky has made another community contest, you can find the thread in the Official Gaia Contests forum which is a sub forum of the Gaia Community Discussion. This thread is a regular thread instead of a sticky. The objective is to draw your avatar with the Gaia NPC that you would most likely take to a café and you must include a baked good in the picture. You can enter this contest as many times as you want! Winners will receive a Deliciously Decadent Prize pack. Contents include the following Cafe Clementine, Coffee Mood Bubble, and Please Donut Go Gently. The first-place winner will get a 30 pack of Gatcha v.5. with the other items mentioned. Runner up’s will receive a 10 pack of Gatcha v.5 with the other items mentioned. There will be one first place winner and three runner ups. This contest runs from July 27th to August 3rd at midnight Pacific time so be sure to get your entries in by then!
Again, no Paws item with the prize pack, at least there’s a chance at pulling one from one of the Gatcha’s. I probably won’t be entering since I am not very artistically inclined, I do like the fact that they are hosting an art contest though! It’s very nice to see the staff making contests for the community, I hope they keep it up!