This item was released via staff alerts yesterday evening in a post by the one and only, “Zero Omega”. It’s been a good minute since we’ve received a tribute item from Gaia’s staff. I think the last one we had was back in 2016. It’s nice to see that Gaia is making them again. I think Gaia slowed down on them because whenever news broke about a celebrity passing someone in Site Feedback would immediately make a thread and start begging for a tribute item. This behavior got old and was looked down upon by many community members. While I don’t think it’s wrong to ask for an item per say, some people were going a bit far. Lots of sarcasm and nasty arguments broke out in these threads as a result. Those who didn’t like the requests usually got heated and of course those who wanted the item would fight back, it rarely ended well.
The latest tribute item is called “You Matter” and it is for Chester Bennington from the band Linkin Park. Sadly, Chester was found dead in his home. Foul play isn’t suspected and it has been ruled as a suicide, I won’t be going into specific details of what happened since it upsets me. This is very sad news, I’ve been a fan since I heard Crawling on the radio years ago when it first came out. I know that Gaia has a whole bunch of LP fans as well. The item is a small speech bubble that says, “In the End” in the first pose and “Numb” in the second pose. Both are in reference of two of the bands songs. In the End is from their Hybrid Theory album and Numb is from their Meteora album. This item is very well done and they even included a Paws version. I also liked Zero’s staff post for the item release it was very creative, usually with our tributes we only get a few sentences and he went all out for this one. The added information for suicide hotlines and websites in the staff notice is another nice gesture. Good job Gaia!