Hello Gaians,

On behalf of all members of Gaians United, we would like to thank you for visiting this site. We believe this site is launching at a critical time for Gaia Online. This site exists as a space for creative Gaians to speak their mind, without the fear that their threads will be locked, or their thoughts mocked through a feedback system that currently promotes a toxic herd mentality.

Gaia was a special place for me growing up. It's a place where I made several long-lasting friendships. Despite all the challenges in recent years with Goldemort, it is our belief that Gaia has a bright future ahead. A future filled with friendships and camaraderie. A future worth fighting for.

In order to ensure Gaia's community will expand in a healthy way, it is vital that we support user-run events. That is why, it is a privilege to announce one of the largest charity efforts in the history of Gaia Online. As of June 30th, 2017, we will be attempting to raise 50 Trillion gold by the year's end to help support user-run events.

Stay tuned for updates from our charity team.

Editor's Note: 50 Trillion Gold is ~$6000 in value.