Aost wasn't simply a user. Aost was an icon who played a critical role in the Clans of Battle's history. As a part of our historical series chronicling segments of the Clans of Battle, we present the second part of our series on Aost.

The Aost Identity

On May 2nd, 2008, a user named "Azurux" created a clan called the Illuminating Society. This clan was founded the day after Aost left Novus Ordo, a clan he co-founded with Luc.

Luc presented evidence that seemed to point to his belief that Aost created a
new account: "Azurux". But Aost denied being Azurux and Azurux denied being Aost.

On June 17th, 2008, 'Aost Dairy 3' refuted Luc's initial investigation and declared that "Thee Alchemyst", a former member of Novus Ordo was Aost.

Prior to this revelation, the author of the 'Aost Dairy' accounts had written four separate profile diary accounts detailing who they thought "Aost" was:

Lead Aost

  • Claims that Luc and Azurux are the same person and writes thoughts in summary of both

"Well... Luc & Azu are both crazy. They both have the same thought's on some clans being worthless & should go out of the system. However Azu doesnt mention much about Azure but he dose admit to being him. " I did make lots of mistakes but I will say I did I'm not perfect." Luc thinks the DM is stupid because fights should be settled in debates. ect... Azu thinks the same but supports the DM because he says some people are idiots & can't settle arguments other wise. in other words there both delusional with the same idea's. That's probably why luc See's Azu as a threat you can most likely see why I think there the same person"

Aosts Dairy

  • Claims that Aost = Azurux
  • Details Luc's Past
  • Establishes a theory that there are "five Aosts" or five different users who had access to the Aost account
  • Makes the claim that he/she "might not" be Aost

Aost Dairy 2

  • Details Luc's relationship with TGL (The Ghost Lord) and the subsequent account of Luc's: 'The Ghost Lord X'
  • Claims that Luc may be elusive troll: 'supernova worrior'

Aost Dairy 3

  • Explains that the diaries he wrote were all wrong and that Thee Alchemyst was definitively Aost with her claiming to be

Luc continued to investigate Aost's identity all the way into 2014 when longtime Saint Family user, FTW Kitten, claimed to be Aost.

In 2015, FTW Kitten claimed that he was actually not the original Aost from 2008 but was given the rights to use the name and the Illuminating Society name by the original Aost in 2012 while playing Runescape.

As of July 2017, there is still not an entirely definitive account of who the writer of the Aost diaries was or who Aost was.

Here are some things we can definitively say:

  1. Azurux, leader of the Illuminating Society, was formerly known as Azure Shimora, leader of the Angel Society.
  2. Thee Alchemyst did have access to the Aost account as well as Azure Shimora.

Currently, the best theory of those few that have looked into the history of Aost believe that Azure Shimora (RL name 'Allen'?) was the mastermind.

Aost's Legacy

Aost is an enigma to the Clans of Battle. Because his identity is so obscured by denial and possibly three or four people having had access to his account and a few more with access to his title, it's very difficult to ferment Aost's legacy in much the same way as Luc.

However, assuming that Azure Shimora was the mastermind behind Aost, here are some of the key take-a-ways from before the Illuminating Society was created:

  1. Azure Shimora began posting as "Comearue Shimora" in a clan called Vampire Society which began in November 2007. Thee Alchemyst was a member as well.
  2. Azure Shimora then helped create the Angel Society after a falling out between the Vampire Society's temp leader, Amon Black.

After creating the Illuminating Society, multiple proxy wars occurred between Azurux and Luc's Knights Templar Clan. Ultimately Azurux was able to convince generals in the Knights Templar to abandon Luc and the Illuminating Society became the most dominant clan in the Clans of Battle's existence in late 2009. His use of multiple accounts showed absolute mastery over Luc and most of the Clans of Battle ultimately allied with the Illuminating Society.

The Clans of Battle's activity died off shortly after Azurux won over Luc in 2009.

In 2012, Luc and FTW Kitten reached out to former members of the Illuminating Society and many relationships have been mended since the battles occurring in 2008 and 2009. In 2017, Luc helped re-create an Illuminating Society guild in which many former members of the original clan have come back to revisit and catch up with old friends.

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