Described by administrators as having created "a rift", "campfire discussion" and chaos, there is no Gaian in the site's 14-year history quite like Luc. Self-described as 'passionate', Luc has played a core role in several events from Gaia's history dating back to 2005 and lasting all the way to present time. For the sake of this article, we will focus on his record while an investigator and clan leader in Gaia's Clans of Battle subforum from 2007 to 2010.

The Lunar Emperor Clan

[First Post]( in the Clans of Battle.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Started the first triumvirate alliance between the Lunar Emperor Clan, ZabreClan, and the Darkness Warriors Clan
  • Ascended to the rank of General in 3 weeks
  • Setup offsite forum websites for all three clans in the triumvirate alliance
  • Created a system of uniforms through tektek for all ranks in all three allied clans

The Ghost Lord (TGL) Incident

'The Ghost Lord' was a user who wanted to join the Gaia Mafia Clan (later named the Dragonetti Family). When he was denied admittance, he posed as a member of the Gaia Mafia Clan and declared war on all the largest clans in the system on July 26th, 2007.

Luc's Role in the TGL incident:

  • Lead a 19-hour inter-clan partnered investigation to figure out other accounts of The Ghost Lord
  • Helped rebuild GMC after critical loss in recruitment due to incident
  • Created several alliances due to investigative results and collaboration with other clans. Assisted with the help of fellow Lunar Emperor Clan member, LightMousy.

First Clan War with The Chess Pieces

Around August 2007, clans began to realize that being a 'hangout' or 'roleplay' thread wasn't sustainable in the Clans of Battle forum. Too many people were recycling through clans to try to find the best fit and/or moving around Gaia for their small recruitment 'core' to be enough to ensure their clans' survival.

The TGL incident helped clan leaders realize that they could attack other clans recruitment efforts and effectively destroy most minor clans in a few days. Some users fled to the large clans in order to escape the chaos happening among the smaller clans vying for positional authority. However, even large clans that wanted to stay out of the fray were failing due to immature leadership and misdirection.

In the midst of the confusion that the TGL incident wrought, a clan named 'The Chess Pieces' attacked a clan called 'Inuyasha vs. Kagura's clan'. The 'Inuyasha vs. Kagura' clan had just made an alliance with the Lunar Emperor Clan days before due to their cooperation in investigating the TGL incident.

This was the first test of how clans would respond in a coordinated way. It was also the first run at 'clan warfare' over a forum in a method that didn't involve roleplay, trolling or flaming.

Luc's Role in the First Chess Pieces War:

  • Allied with 5 Clans including two top-five sized clans: Organization XIII and Gangs of Gaia
  • Slowed Recruitment in The Chess Pieces for Three Weeks
  • Was offered leadership of the Lunar Emperor Clan which was turned down in favor of creating a new clan

The First Knights Templar Clan

Luc's Accomplishments as Clan Leader of {KT}:

  • Allied with ten clans including the largest clan in the Clans of Battle Subforum, Knight
  • Allies with Vito DeAngelo, future leader of the DeAngelo Family
  • Allies with Thee Alchemyst, then leader of the Alchemyst Clan

The First Novus Ordo Clan

Luc's Accomplishments as Clan Leader of {NO}:

  • Allies With the Crimson Pride Clan meeting their second-in-command and information trader, ATEX5

Notable Event:

The Eastern Order Incident

The Eastern Order Incident was a covert operation designed by both Luc and ATEX5. The stated purpose was to convince the 2nd largest clan, GOOD (Gaian Order of Demons), that a hidden force known as 'The Eastern Order' was gathering and planning to attack them.

The goal of the operation was to divide the Clans of Battle into two separate groups, 'The Western Order' (comprised mainly of large behemoth clans) and 'The Eastern Order' (a group of mafia and intelligence gathering clans). Luc's goal in this was to control both groups after establishing the divide.

The operation lasted from November 10th, 2007 to January 15th, 2008. After an intelligence leak, Luc tried to burn his identity and start fresh by declaring war on several clans at once. However, this action backfired and led to several clans blacklisting Luc and all of his known alternate accounts.

Soon after this incident, the DeAngelo Family distanced itself from Luc as his reputation was seen as "bad for business". Several mafia clans followed suit. Luc was effectively ostracized from the Clans of Battle.

Luc-mcan friendship

After nearly six months of tumultuous relationships with members of the Clans of Battle, Luc was completely out of friends and allies. He spent the better part of two months scouring the clans desperate for traction. Clans that he created fell a part in a matter of days. The blacklists in most major clans made it nearly impossible to rebuild.

Knowing that Luc was desperate, mcan, the leader of the largest clan, Knight, asked Luc to leave Gaia and join him on the MMO known as Flyff. There, he could build new relationships and avoid the abandonment he found on Gaia.

Luc left the Clans of Battle for a couple months and became friends with mcan.

The Second Novus Ordo Clan

Even though Luc felt distanced from the Clans of Battle, he knew that he would be returning at some point. It didn't take too long. In April 2008, Luc reached out to his best friend (FennOmanon), sister (Kendansa_Adnilam), a mafia associate (Dino Cavone), and protege (Aost) to create a new Novus Ordo clan.

This clan was designed to be "more conciliatory" and start to merge interests from all over the Clans of Battle forum. However, that effort took a sharp turn when Luc's protege, Aost, left in dramatic form on May 2nd, 2008.

This event sparked the longest user-run investigation in Gaia's history. The investigation into Aost started on May 2nd, 2008 and lasted until March 2014. There are still portions of this investigation left unsolved.

The Second Knights Templar Clan

After Aost left Novus Ordo, it was clear that a new force had arisen in the Clans of Battle forum. The Illuminating Society, a fully established clan with multiple alliances and a leader that looked like Aost, was making multiple plays for positional authority among the clans.

Luc interpreted the Illuminating Society as a clan that siphoned members from Novus Ordo in order to achieve the same purpose except under Aost's authority instead of his.

In order to combat Aost, Luc closed the second Novus Ordo clan and restarted the Knights Templar Clan.

After seing an admin-highlighted Gaia Job Center thread, Luc spent 180,000g (worth approximately a 500bil gold in today's marketplace) to advertise the Knights Templar clan at the top of the thread. This led to a massive number of recruits, Luc being taken off several clans' blacklists, and several new and reformed alliances.

It also created a massive amount of tension between an equal sized Illuminating Society Clan and the Knights Templar Clan. This created a cold war and subsequent proxy wars in smaller clans that lasted for longer than a year.

Aost Wins, KT Dies

Ten months after Luc created the second Knights Templar Clan, significant infighting within the top ranks of the Knights Templar clan led to it being shut down. KT's collapse was significantly influenced by Aost taking advantage of top-level disagreement over a failed merger between the Knights Templar and Knight, the largest clan on Gaia.

On February 24th, 2009, Luc asked for the Knights Templar thread to be locked and moved to the Recycle Bin. When KT died, it led to a chain reaction of several clans collapse and the Clans of Battle activity plummeted.

The Clans of Battle would never be quite the same after.

The Awakening Clan

On December 20th, 2009, Luc returned to the Clans of Battle forum in a last-ditch effort to save what was left.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Brought together former Knights Templar members, Sergio Saint (former leader of the Saint Family), and Kailx Valachi (former leader of Organization XII and member of the Illuminating Society) to lead the clan
  • Allied with 25 clans

After the Clans of Battle

Luc played a substantial role in the Clans of Battle. He was known by every major player in the system.

After the Clans of Battle died, Luc went on to posting a thread in January 2012 entitled Puppets of a Faceless Master, which focused on users' tense anonymous relationships with one another. Lanzer even commented on the discussion.

In the thread, Luc said the following:

"...sometimes I truly wonder how people can treat each other with so much contempt and mock their ideas if they know that there is a person behind the username".

"Personally, I've never found my self-worth in remaining anonymous. It's always when I step out of the crowd and introduce myself, shake a hand, and be the true representation of who I am that I am truly noticed".

On August 18th, 2013, Luc was banned by administrators along with his sister, Kendansa. This ban of eight accounts at once came three days after Gaia co-founder L0cke left and four days before the first gold generator, Flynn's Booty, was released.

Luc fought against Goldemort, posting the following youtube video:

On March 20th, 2015 YouTube Support contacted Luc notifying him that Jason Loia, then COO of Gaia Online, asked for him to take the video down.

On March 24th, 2015 YouTube Support decided to keep the video of Gaia Online's COO up. Luc then subsequently made the documentary "Gaian", detailing a broader experience while on Gaia:

On December 16th, 2016 Luc rejoined Gaia and started to advocate on behalf of users banned during the Schofield-era.

Luc is one of the most influential and broadly controversial users in Gaia's history. His impact on Gaia began in a series of interactions within the Clans of Battle. And his history kicks off our series on the Clans of Battle.

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